Fit City Kids Basketball focuses on building a strong foundation rooted in the basic fundamental skills of the game.  Our experienced coaches use techniques that will have your young athlete yearning to grow and improve. From simple drills, to full game strategies, Fit City Kids Basketball will get you to the next level.  Classes are month to month and can be joined ANYTIME! *One on one training also available by request.

Fast Break (Ages 4-6)

This program is for the basketball beginner learning to develop early basketball skills such as dribbling, passing, shooting and defense. Participants in this class will also start to learn the basic rules of the game. 

Triple Threat (Ages 7-10)

This program is for participants that are looking to advance their skills in a more game-like situation. This class will focus on specific positions on the court, they will learn guard/post techniques, denying the ball, moving without the ball, and help line defense. They will be running the floor and hustling throughout the duration of this class including situational drills and scrimmages. 

Basketball II (Ages 6-8, 9-11)

Intermediate/advanced- Must have prior basketball experience. This is for the student that is looking to take their game to the next level. High energy class getting repetitions on intermediate and advanced drills into game situations.

Ball Out (Ages 18+)

Get back into the game or keep your game sharp with this fun adult class. 20min of warmups and drills 40min of game play.

League Play

Brand new this year!  The Fit City Kids Basketball League introduces your young athlete to game play and strategies.  Through fun game day practices, our experienced coaches instill the importance of fundamentals and building a solid core skill foundation.  Each week focuses on new skills including dribbling, shooting, passing, and working up to offensive and defensive plays and strategies.

Summer League: 6/4-7/23

League Play

7 week league- Games and practices are held on Saturday mornings for 1 hour.   Official schedule will come out after enrollment. Enrollment fee covers 7 weeks and an official jersey.