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Keep your eye on this page! When it comes to Kids Activities and Special Events we are always offering something new and exciting for you and your family. We offer special “Parents Night Out” activities, such as Dodgeball, Nerf Wars, Recess Games, and more  once a month! We also enjoy hosting special holiday events. There’s no telling what you may find on this page so don’t miss out. Subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you are always in the loop! And, if there are other exciting kids activities you would like for us to host, just let us know!

Parents Night Out

Parents Night Out is now fun for the whole family! Each month at Fit City Kids, we select at least one Friday night to host one of our special events. Kids will get to enjoy events like Dodgeball, Nerf Wars, and Recess Games-and no event is complete without PIZZA!


It’s Dodgeball night at Fit City Kids. Join us for 2.5 hours of dodgeball mania including a pizza dinner. We will play several different games and versions and mix up the teams to make sure everyone is having a blast!
*Events have a 24 hour cancellation policy

Ages: 6-12
Time: 5:30pm-8:00pm
Price: $45/child

*Events have a 24 hour cancellation policy*

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