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Our Cheer program focuses on the fundamentals of taking your cheer game to the next level.  From basic tumbling to full stunts and routines, we take your child through the natural developmental progression based on their physical and mental stage.  Each class focuses on repetition and learning new skills.  Classes are month-to-month and can be joined ANYTIME!

Cheer 1 (Ages 3-5)

Kids will get into the spirit with Cheer 1 as they work on dance, tumbling and basic cheer positions. Get your little ones ready to cheer on their favorite team in no time.

Cheer 2 (Ages 6-12)

Welcome to Intermediate Cheer where kids will utilize their tumbling skills to enhance their stunting techniques and dance moves in combination with chants for a full cheer routine experience. This class operates in 8-week sessions with a showcase at the end for parents and families.