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Our signature line of classes that drive fitness through fun. We take your child through the natural developmental progression based on their physical and mental stage. They’ll go from explorers of movement to masters of movement without losing their creativity and joy for the process.  Classes are month-to-month and can be joined ANYTIME!

KIDergy (Ages 3-5)

Kids and Energy go hand in hand with this fun class full of exploration and movement. Throughout this program, instructors will further kids sensory and motor skills through fun physical activity while cueing them and developing their language through letters, counting, and matching abilities. We focus on the science of movement and learning, while your kid(s) bring the ENERGY!

Gamer's Fitness (Ages 5-8)

This class brings video games and fitness together in a fun, competitive setting. Kids will choose their code names to put on our leaderboard and compete each week to add more points to their individual record. They will be scored on different challenges that will test them mentally and physically based on the game theme of the week. They will also have special opportunities to earn double/triple points in quick Minute to Win it style bonus games. It could be anyone’s game each week, so are you ready players? GAME ON!

Ultimate Tag (Ages 6-10)

We combined the timeless tag games we all love with the technique, footwork, and mechanics of speed and agility exercises. This class will be fun and challenging as they enhance their coordination, explosiveness and sportsmanship skills!

Forge (Ages 8-12)

Forged in the fire of FITNESS, this 8-week class for ages 8-12 years, will develop the SEVEN main functional movements that will serve them throughout their entire life. Not only will they be physically challenged, they’ll also be put through mental exercises to help strengthen their ability to make decisions and work under pressure. At the end of the 8-weeks, they’ll face off against themselves and put all they’ve worked towards to the test!

Our tumbling program focuses on the foundation of movement and body awareness. We take your child through the natural developmental progression based on their physical and mental stage.  Each class focuses on repetition and learning new skills.  Classes are month-to-month and can be joined ANYTIME!  One-on-one lessons available upon request.

Bouncers (Ages 4mo-18mo)

The first few years in your child’s life are critical for development and we’re here to extend a fun, stimulating environment to do just that. Increase the bond with your child during this process as we incorporate sensory and motor activities that will engage your kids all the while giggling and exploring their senses. There will be no shortage of love and laughter on this journey.

Rompers (Ages 19mo-3yrs)

Taking fun to the next level, this class focuses on the next stages of gross motor skills and keeps your little ones moving and grooving with songs, games, and obstacle course adventures.

Rollers (Ages 3-5)

Get ready to tuck and roll as this class teaches your little one the beginnings of tumbling focusing on agility, body awareness, compression and total body calisthenics.

Junior Flyers (Ages 4-6) Invite/tryout

This is our advanced Junior level class for ages 4-6. This class is invite/tryout only.

Flyers (Ages 6-12)

Beginner/Intermediate- This hour-long class features high energy warm ups and drills followed by individualized instruction with a focus on weekly skill focus and growth. Classes focus on natural skill progressions to build strength and endurance.

Ninja Training (Ages 6-12)

Run, jump and dive your way through this class of high energy ninja training! Students will work on skills in tumbling, parkour, and ninja course obstacles in this one hour class.

Flips (invite/tryout)

Advanced tumbling class.  Invite or tryout only.

Fit City Kids Basketball focuses on building a strong foundation rooted in the basic fundamental skills of the game.  Our experienced coaches use techniques that will have your young athlete yearning to get better from simple drills up to full game strategies.  Classes are month to month and can be joined ANYTIME! *One on one training also available by request.

Fast Break (Ages 4-6)

This program is for the basketball beginner learning to develop early basketball skills such as dribbling, passing, shooting and defense. Participants in this class will also start to learn the basic rules of the game. 

Triple Threat (Ages 7-10)

This program is for participants that are looking to advance their skills in a more game-like situation. This class will focus on specific positions on the court, they will learn guard/post techniques, denying the ball, moving without the ball, and help line defense. They will be running the floor and hustling throughout the duration of this class including situational drills and scrimmages. 

Drill n' Play (Ages 7-10, 9-12, 12-15)

This class is structured as 30 minutes of fast paced drills followed by 30 minutes of game play. This is an intermediate/advanced class for those looking to translate their skills to the real game.

Strength in Girls is an 8-Week Session designed for girls between 9 and 13 years of age. They will meet 2x a week on Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30-7:30PM at Fit City Kids. These girls will learn about their body as well as how to effectively strengthen it through workouts. We’ll also talk about how to properly fuel our bodies, the importance of recovery methods, developing techniques to manage stress in all its forms, learn how to navigate our way through the world of social media and so much more during our workshops.

Class breakdown:
60-75 minute workout
+15 minutes of recovery/breathwork/meditation
+30-45 minutes of workshop in the classroom
=120 minutes of confidence boosting fun!

$640 tuition covers all 8 weeks