Our signature line of classes that drive fitness through fun. We take your child through the natural developmental progression based on their physical and mental stage. They’ll go from explorers of movement to masters of movement without losing their creativity and joy for the process.  Classes are month-to-month and can be joined ANYTIME!

Fitness Family (Ages 6mo-23mo)

The first few years in your child’s life are critical for development and we’re here to extend a fun, stimulating environment to do just that. Increase the bond with your child during this process as we incorporate sensory and motor activities that will engage your kids all the while giggling and exploring their senses. There will be no shortage of love and laughter on this journey.

Fitness Fun (Ages 2-4)

Where learning is fun like it should be. Throughout this program, instructors will further kids sensory and motor skills through fun physical activity while cueing them and developing their language through letters, counting, and matching abilities. We focus on the science of movement and learning, while your kid(s) only see the FUN!  *Some parent interaction involved*

Speed and Agility (Ages 6-10)

Speed and Agility is designed to work on athletic positioning, footwork skills, running mechanics, ground-contact time, and more to help make your athlete become more surefooted for their desired sports. We will be utilizing agility ladders, hurdles, cones, plyo boxes, and more.

Intro to Weights (Ages 8-12)

This is where FUN meets the fundamentals of movement patterns and incorporates weights. Our young athletes transition to a more “practice” like structure by learning the proper theme progressions: Activation, Mobility, Power/Plyometrics, Strength, Endurance and Recovery. They will work as individuals and as a team in a way that challenges their body and their mind.

Strength in Girls (9-13)

Strength in Girls is an 8-Week Session designed for girls between 9 and 13 years of age. They will meet 2x a week on Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30-7:30PM at Fit City Kids. These girls will learn about their body as well as how to effectively strengthen it through workouts. We’ll also talk about how to properly fuel our bodies, the importance of recovery methods, developing techniques to manage stress in all its forms, learn how to navigate our way through the world of social media and so much more during our workshops.

Class breakdown:
60-75 minutes in the weight room
+15 minutes of recovery/breathwork/meditation
+30-45 minutes of workshop in the classroom
=120 minutes of confidence boosting fun!

$600 tuition covers all 8 weeks