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Our signature line of classes that drive fitness through fun. We take your child through the natural developmental progression based on their physical and mental stage. They’ll go from explorers of movement to masters of movement without losing their creativity and joy for the process.  Classes are month-to-month and can be joined ANYTIME!

KIDergy (Ages 3-5)

Kids and Energy go hand in hand with this fun class full of exploration and movement. Throughout this program, instructors will further kids sensory and motor skills through fun physical activity while cueing them and developing their language through letters, counting, and matching abilities. We focus on the science of movement and learning, while your kid(s) bring the ENERGY!

Gamer's Fitness (Ages 5-8)

This class brings video games and fitness together in a fun, competitive setting. Kids will choose their code names to put on our leaderboard and compete each week to add more points to their individual record. They will be scored on different challenges that will test them mentally and physically based on the game theme of the week. They will also have special opportunities to earn double/triple points in quick Minute to Win it style bonus games. It could be anyone’s game each week, so are you ready players? GAME ON!

Ultimate Tag (Ages 6-10)

We combined the timeless tag games we all love with the technique, footwork, and mechanics of speed and agility exercises. This class will be fun and challenging as they enhance their coordination, explosiveness and sportsmanship skills!

FORGE (Ages 8-12)

Forged in the fire of FITNESS, this 8-week class for ages 8-12 years, will develop the SEVEN main functional movements that will serve them throughout their entire life. Not only will they be physically challenged, they’ll also be put through mental exercises to help strengthen their ability to make decisions and work under pressure. At the end of the 8-weeks, they’ll face off against themselves and put all they’ve worked towards to the test!