In this fun, active and constantly changing class, kids will get to try their hand at a new sport every other week!. By introducing a variety of sports (12!), this class will help kids develop overall athletic ability as well as determine which sports truly spark their interest. Classes are month-to-month and can be joined ANYTIME!

Parent and Tot (Ages 2-4)

This class is a great way for parents to bond with their young ones while participating in a wide variety of sports! With a new sport being introduced each week, the young athletes will be introduced to a lot of different motor skills throughout. *Adult participation is required in this class.

SS1 (Ages 5-8)

With a classic “gym class” feel, this program is like the Costco variety pack of sports!  Kids will rotate through 2 weeks of sport specific curriculum learning the skills and fundamentals in week one and putting them to the test in games and scrimmages in week 2.